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5 Tips for a Successful UK Removal

18 June 2014

While we’re sure that you have every idea as to how to go about your UK move, but if you don’t then it can be a terrifying time for you and your family. Sometimes even more so for your family, with them having to contend with you turning in to a monster for the duration of the move! We’ll give you five handy hints and tips as to how to go about your move in an easy, efficient and stress-free way. Here are our 5 tips for a successful UK removal.

1.    Plan ahead. Planning ahead will count towards making almost every aspect of your move much easier in the long run. Getting to know the tasks ahead will give you a clear idea as to everything that needs to be done, and the time frame that you have in which to do them. Making a comprehensive list of everything that you can think of off of the top of your head will open your mind up to ideas about other things that may not seem so immediately obvious. Make a main header to start the point, and then list any offshoots of that main issue which you may realize while considering the logistics of it.

2.    Get the right removals company. Finding the right company will reduce your stress almost as much as planning ahead, as you will be able to put aside certain jobs and leave them in the capable hands of the professionals that you have hired. Get to know your company by having them come to your house to do a valuation of the move. This is where you can ascertain whether they are offering a good price or whether you are about to be ripped off! Your removals company will be a huge part of your move, so the decision as to who you hire is key to the success of the whole process.

3.    Sort your new place out before the move. Getting the new property sorted is imperative to making your move easier, as it will be the recipient of a whole load of stress as you bundle your whole life in to it within a short space of time. Getting major work like redecorating done will mean that the place is fresh and clean for your new life. Having larger works done while the place is empty will also reduce the potential mess and damage caused to your belongings obviously, so it is well worth sorting out!

4.    Think about the actual period of transit that needs to go down during the move. When will you be traveling and for how long? Making sure that you are traveling during the middle of the day will mean that you can avoid most of the rush hour traffic that will turn your move from an easy process into a nightmare. Be aware as well that the time that you start in the morning will affect the time that you start traveling, and if you are moving a long distance, then you may have to make allowances for the later rush hour wherever you are moving to.

5.    The final piece of advice that we have for you is a simple one; relax! Your relationship with those around you is an important part of the move, and being a calm person will improve how you deal with other individuals tenfold. Getting to know the staff involved in the move will mean that you have a much easier time getting them to act how you’d like. This is not to say that you should ignore your family, as they will be equally as stressed by the move as you are!

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