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A Brief Guide to Packing Your Home For W8 Removal

18 June 2014

When you are considering your home removals, you will likely be daunted by the sheer amount that you need to get done. It is of course extremely difficult to get so much done in such a potentially short time, and you will likely be a little worried about the whole thing, we’re here to tell you that there is nothing to worry about if you are a savvy packer, and you give yourself time to make sure that everything is in place and ready to go by the time that the day of the house removal W8 comes. Of course, a good move is not only down to the quality of your packing, but it can be pretty instrumental in the process, as you will be getting together everything that you are trying to get moved, and it will give you a good headspace in which to get used to the idea of the move. Packing well can be the thing that makes your move that little bit safer, and will ultimately be the difference between your items being at risk from being knocked about or not, which can be a financial difference of quite a lot of money should there be any issues.

You will need to arm yourself with the essentials for packing. Boxes of different sizes, bubble wrap, newspaper, and packing tape. You should over order on boxes, as there are usually a few things that you don’t think about when you come to the end of the packing process, and you’ll be glad not to have run out thus far, so it can be worth the extra couple of quid. With different box shapes, you will want varying sizes because of the nature of packing. If you have a heavy item in multiples, like books for example, then you should avoid packing a large box full of that item. If you have vastly overweight boxes, then a remover may well refuse to lift it, or may even injure himself while trying to!

Packing materials are of course very much a disposable commodity, so you have to be aware of what your packing will do to the environment. Bubble wrap can be extremely harmful, as it is not as widely recycled, and if put on landfill sites can be a real hazard for the local environment. Be aware of the source of your materials, and try to avoid using large amounts of plastics in your wrapping process. You should use bubble wrap sparingly anyway, as adding layers of the stuff will only take up extra room in your boxes, wasting space and meaning that you have to use more boxes...

For this reason, newspaper, whether recycled or just re used, is essential. This material is great for layering between items that don’t necessarily need bubble wrap to keep them safe. It will sit nicely between plates to stop them marking each other for example. You can pad out a box with scrunched up tissue to do a similar but more cost effective job to bubble wrap. It will mean the items sit nicely together and don’t bang into each other all the time, causing damages.

Packing tape will be your new best friend during the move, so get a few rolls as it always runs out at the worst possible time, and it can be used for a variety of things after the W8 move, so don’t worry about over ordering, as it can save your life and more importantly your move!

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