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Be Smart and Hire A Greenwich Furniture Removals Company For Your Move

18 June 2014

Moving home is tough on anyone, especially if you have a lot of heavy, bulky furniture to move. Hiring a Greenwich Furniture removals company can often be a smart move. Not only will they help move your furniture, they’ll minimise the stress of your move as well. Here’s why:

  • Expertise

Greenwich removals services are experienced in all things removals. This means that if you do decide to hire a company to aid you in your furniture moving, you will be in safe hands. Your Greenwich movers will be able to assess your furniture before the moving day, allowing them to know which size van hey will need to move your furniture. This way you won’t find yourself in a mess when your sofa or that wardrobe you’ve had for years doesn’t fit in the van and you won’t end up going back and forth doing numerous trips. This not only minimises stress but it will greatly reduce the cost of your Greenwich removal as you won’t have to pay for extra time, trips and petrol! As well as this, your removal company will have a lot of experience in safely packing and moving your items. They will know exactly how to wrap and pad your furniture to stop it from getting damaged in transit. They will also be trained in lifting and carrying heavy furniture so that you don’t run the risk of hurting yourself on your moving day.

  • Price

Though hiring a removal firm may, on paper, be more expensive than hiring a Greenwich man and van service, there are many way you can save money and make your move as cost effective as possible. Many removal services will offer discounts if you choose to move during their less busy times, such as weekdays and before or after rush hour. Your moving company may also offer you budget friendly options so smaller moves as well. So, if you have only a few pieces of furniture to move, you may be able to share a truck with someone going in the same direction and save yourself a bit of money. This means, even if you only have a small amount of furniture to move, a Greenwich moving company is still a smart choice for your move!

  • Insurance

Some people find that their insurance doesn’t cover their furniture whilst it is being moved. If this is the case then you don’t have to worry if you are using a good removal company. It is always best to check with your company before the move, but most good removal firms will have insurance that covers your furniture whilst it is being transported. This means you can move to your new home worry free knowing that your furniture is insured just in case something happens and you need to get anything repaired or replaced.

  • Storage

Many removal firms also offer storage options for your furniture at an extra cost. This is perfect for anyone that has a period in-between their two properties where they can’t store their furniture, or can’t take all of their furniture with them to their new property. Your removal firm will come and efficiently wrap, transport and store your furniture for you and then deliver it to you if and when you need it in your new home. Not only does this mean you don’t have to worry about sourcing your own storage facility yourself, it means you know that your furniture is going to be protected and transported properly so you can be happy in the knowledge that your furniture is safe.

So, whether you have a lot or a little, hiring a Greenwich removal company for your move is a smart choice and will mean you can start your life in your new home worry and pain free!

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