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Caring For Delicate Items On A Removal

28Aug 2014

When you are moving house, there is often quite a lot of panic surrounding the safety of your belongings, especially the delicate ones. The nature of a removal is such that things need to be done quickly, and sometimes quite aggressively, in order for the move to go ahead in an efficient way. However, turning up at the new place to find that all of your precious items have been broken is extremely inefficient, as you will have lost out on a fair amount of money, whilst also needing to waste time finding new things. In order to best prevent this from happening, you should look in to packing and sorting things so that you are not at risk of any damage. First off, you need to think about how you pack your delicate items. Bubble wrap is the preferred choice for ensuring that nothing gets broken, but you will no doubt be aware that it is pretty expensive, as well as being terrible for the environment. The facto of the matter is that newspaper and packing paper are very good for protecting things that are a little hardier, whilst bubble wrap is the only option for really, really delicate bits and pieces. You will find that you can avoid the issues inherent in the vibrations of the van by lining the boxes with a single layer of bubble wrap, as this will ensure that you are avoiding the shaking that comes from the engine and the road’s uneven surfaces. If you are looking at the individual items themselves, you will find that the best way will usually be to wrap them up in paper of bubble wrap, and lay them in the boxes, with the heavier duty items at the bottom, and the more delicate ones on the top. Try to lock the items in, so that they will not move about too much whilst in transit, as the re-shifting of Th. Items in the boxes can make things more likely to break. When you are packing up the boxes, be sure to label them appropriately, to ensure that the boxes themselves are treated correctly. Failure to do this may mean that a box full of heavy but delicate china crockery could be used as a door stop, or put at the bottom of a pile, and generally treated badly. If it says ‘DELICATE CHINA’ on it, then that is less likely. Clever labeling can ensure that you don’t have to worry about finding things easily as well, as it is very much more easy to search through boxes for ‘kids toys’ when looking for your child’s favorite stuffed animal, than to rip through all of the boxes marked ‘Kid’s bedroom.’ When you are loading up the van, hold back the boxes that are filled with the really delicate things until last, so that you can ensure that they are treated as well as they need to be. Failure to do so may well result in the boxes being roughly handled by the removals team. Whilst you will be around, it is nigh on impossible to be completely aware of which boxes are which, and how each one is being handled, so it is best to save yourself the panic and the hassle by simply holding back the precious or delicate ones until later on in the process. It is essential that you think carefully about all f this well in advance, as otherwise the ramifications of everything getting broken can be rather serious!

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