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Choosing Your N1 Movers - the Importance of Insurance

18 June 2014

Whether you’re buying a new mobile phone or a new car, everyone knows it is important to have insurance to protect yourself however, when it comes to moving house many overlook the importance of insurance. This could be for a number or reasons including simply forgetting to presuming your N1 removal service has it sorted. Here is some information on the types on insurance you should make sure your Removals Company N1 has and why it is so important.

•    Damage Insurance

When planning a N1 House move many people presume that their contents or individual insurance will cover their items during transit. However this is often not the case as many insurance policies do not cover your items whilst they are being relocated. Due to this it is important that you check that your N1 Movers have insurance in place to cover your items. This is important as it means your items are covered against, loss and breakage during your move. Having this insurance means you will be safe in the knowledge that you will be able to claim against the cost of any replacements or repairs to broken items if the situation arises. Having this kind of insurance is often a sign of a good removal company so you can be safer in the knowledge that you haven’t hired a cowboy company. However, it is important that you get documented evidence of this insurance so that you can be sure that your items are covered and so that you know exactly what their insurance covers in case you need to claim for anything.

•    Vehicle insurance

Many people only ever think to check that their removal company has insurance to cover their belongings and often overlook the importance of making sure their Barnsbury removal company are insured to be on the road. Firstly this is important as you may find any contents insurance in invalidated if there is no valid insurance covering the vehicle and the driver whilst they are on the road. Secondly, having valid insurance is a sign of a good insurance company and you many find that companies without this type of insurance may be less likely to take care of your belongings whilst in transit as they clearly don’t have a good attitude towards looking after their own vehicles and staff. If your removal company also use specialist removal equipment such as forklift trucks and other machinery during your move you should check that they are trained and insured to use them. This is important as it is going to be your items that are going to be moved in this way so it is your belongings that are going to be at risk if the company or operator is not trained or insured. As with the vehicle insurance, lacking in the correct insurances to operate machinery may result in any damage and contents insurance to be nullified if any harm does come to your items. Due to this it is important that you make sure the company you choose and the staff you are hiring are correctly insured so that you don’t end up paying the price for their mistakes.

However, if you are unlucky enough to still have an issue with your removal company Barnsbury even though you have checked their insurance you may find you can go through the small claims court to recover any costs of loss or damage. By providing evidence that you asked for copies of insurance documents you will be able to prove that you were not responsible for any damage caused to your items as you were under the impression that the company was fully covered during your move.

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