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How To Experience Successful Office Removals Balham

18 June 2014

Moving office can be a tricky yet necessary enterprise. Whether the move is dictated by market conditions, company expansion or just a simple change of environment, successful office removals Balham are built on a number of key pieces of advice. When moving to SW12, consider the below points in order to reduce stress and get your new office up and running as quickly as possible.

The customer is always right and the customer is king. So when moving office, be sure to notify your existing clientele as quickly as possible. Moving office to Balham could be the best thing to happen to your company, but it will be undermined if no one knows where your offices are. A quick email sent out to reassure your valued customer will prevent any misunderstanding and help to ensure that no business is lost because of the move. Consider sending a first email a month early (“Just to let you know we are moving our offices to Balham”) and then a second closer to or on the date (“We are delighted to announce of successful office move to Balham”), to make sure that your clients are aware of the new address. Sending this via an email is the most ecologically friendly method when moving office, but a letter to your more valued clients may be a nice touch.

The utilities are a vital part of keeping your offices up and running. It would be a terrible tragedy to move into your lovely new space only to find out that the internet is not up and running. It pays to consider the utilities early and make sure that the new office in SW12 has the requisite utilities needed to conduct business. Likewise, if necessary, inform your old utilities companies of your change of address. This will prevent you racking up a large bill after your departure and will help to ensure that there is no bill shock in a few months’ time. Some companies offer services which allow you to move your services to the new property with a great deal less hassle. Consult your respective utilities companies to discover whether any offer this service.

Perhaps the most important factor in a successful office move SW12 or elsewhere, is to make sure that somebody has been placed in charge of the move. It need not be the head of the company or the most senior or longest serving member of staff. Choosing the most responsible and well suited person to oversee the move will allow you to keep the office move organised and on course. In smaller, tight-knit offices, you will likely know the best person for the job and they might well volunteer themselves for the role. A responsible and well organised person in charge of your office removals will allow the rest of the team to focus on the core aspects of your business and will make sure that the move is not a distraction to your team.

One of the forgotten factors in any office move is to keep it fun and light hearted. Letting the stress get to you can be troublesome, especially if it infects the rest of the team and spills over into your business environment. Having everything organised, from the office itself to the informed customers and utilities companies will hopefully ensure that there is not too much to worry about. But do not forget that any office removals SW12 can be tricky. Try to keep the teams spirits up and you can help ensure that the experience is not only quick and efficient but a great team building exercise as well.

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