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How to Know When you Have Found your Dream Home in the NW6 Area

18 June 2014

You may have been looking for a new property in the NW6 area for some time, when looking for your dream home it is common for you to start to feel like you are never going to find it, to start questioning if you are being unrealistic in what you want from your new home and start questioning if your expectations are too high. These feelings may make you wonder if you should just accept the best of the properties you have seen so far before you miss out on those too and end up in a house you don’t particularly want. Don’t do this, if none of the houses you have seen so far seem right for you, and if you know none of them are your dream home, then you should keep looking.

There is an old saying, that when its right its right and you’ll just know it, this is especially true with finding your dream house.  As soon as you enter a property you will instinctively know if it is the house for you, something about the property will already feel like home to you, this gut instinct shouldn’t be ignored, it shouldn’t be acted upon straight away, but it should not be ignored.

Once you have found a house that you think is your dream home then you should put in an offer as soon as you possibly can, this doesn’t mean rush straight in offering the asking price, but it does mean don’t drag your feet about it, the last thing you want is to spend weeks looking for your perfect home to find it and have someone else buy it before you get chance too.

If you can answer yes to some or most of the following questions, then you have found your ideal home and congratulations are in order.

•    When you pull onto the drive of the property, are you drawn to the house?
•    Do you think you’d be happy coming back home to this house each day?
•    Do you feel comfortable in the house?  Does the house already feel like home to you?
•    Do you feel comfortable using the bathroom in the house?
•    Can you picture your belongings in the house?  Have you started considering where you will place your things?
•    Have you started thinking about ways you can improve the house?
•    Does the house have everything you were looking for?
•    Can the house hold all of your belongings?
•    Are you excited about the house?  Do you find yourself telling everyone about the house?  Are you constantly taking photos of your new house and do you keep showing people these photo’s whether they want to see them or not?
•    Do you find yourself defending the house whenever someone says something negative about it? Do you think, at the moment, that the house is perfect?
•    Are you only delaying on making an offer on the house because you know that you shouldn’t rush into it?  Do you already know you want to make an offer on the house?  Have you and your family discussed and agreed that you all like the house?

Avoid rushing into buying the property, do some research into it first, visit the house a few more times at different times of the day, check out the area the property is in and make sure you would be happy living there, meet the neighbours and ask them if there have every been any problems with the house or in the local community.

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