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How To Pack A Removal Van That You Have Hired

04Jul 2014

The process of removal van hire is often one which leaves the person who has hired a vehicle none the wiser as to how to actually go about the packing and moving process. As is the case when people attempt to go about domestic removals under their own steam, the lack of experience and expertise can often show and often in ways in which you might not have considered when planning the entire thing out in your head. One of the biggest things which many people who rent removal vehicles find is that they are unsure of how to go about packing the van in the best possible fashion. So when you are about to move home, what advice is there on how to pack a removal van that you have hired? Packing a van in the correct manner is essentially about two things: a) making the maximum use of the space in an efficient manner and b) making sure that everything is packed in a way which will protect the possessions and keep them safe. Those who find that they are moving home on their own can ignore these factors and just begin to pile in their items as quickly as possible. However, this will likely fill up the van quickly and inefficiently, leaving you will little room in which to manoeuvre and can cause damage to the poorly packed items. Instead, a good van packing process is all about making sure that you have planned everything out properly. Depending on the size of the move you are about to embark on, the space which you have available to yourself will likely be very precious. Getting the maximum use out of the available space is often a case of making sure that there are no gaps and empty spaces hidden away between the boxes and items. Not only is this waster space, but this empty room can cause items to move around and can lead to damage and problems upon arrival. Instead, it is important to think about the best way in which to make sure that there is no room in the back of the van. If you are using entirely boxes then this should be simply as boxes are able to tessellate easily and stack on top of one another. Think of this part of the process like a game of tetris, with the aim to slot all of the pieces together easily.   One good way in which to do this depends on having a team to help you move. Rather than everyone simply piling items into the van, designate one person to stack the items inside the van and have everyone else simply leave the possessions and boxes beside the van. With one person in charge of making sure that everything fits together properly, you can make sure that there is a clear plan and that everything is being thought through. As well as stacking the items correctly inside the van, it is important to think about what is in the particular boxes. One of the easiest ways in which to damage to contents of a boxes is to stack items on top of item. As such, make sure that any more fragile items are stacked towards the top of the van, with less weight and pressure on them and less chance of anything breaking. For those who are really worried about how to go about stacking everything in the back of a van, there are options such as a man with a van service which can deliver both a van and an expert to your moving service for a low cost.