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Make W2 Removals Easy and Efficient

18 June 2014

It’s a dreaded process, but everyone has to do it at some point; moving house is a nightmare, a process full of potential mistakes and errors that can really make the whole thing into a living hell. Getting yourself into the mode of dealing with these things can be much easier if you have a good perspective on the whole job, so here are some great hints and tips to get you in to the swing of things.

Start by planning your W2 move from the start of packing to the last cup of tea at the end of the move. Make a list of everything that you need to get done, and run it by a friend or relative so that they can make you aware of anything you may have missed and things that you may need to change. Having a friend or loved one who can help you with these things is very important throughout the process, and will often make you feel like you are not alone in the world at a hard time. Sharing the weight of the process can be more important than anything else, so if you have someone who is willing to give you a hand, do not be silly enough to turn them down!

Give yourself time to get things sorted, and avoid a mad dash just before the big day, as this will only panic you and makes things harder to deal with. Getting flustered will also put a strain on your relationship with those involved in the move, like your family and the removals company. These are people who you need to keep onside throughout the move, so avoiding upsetting anyone is of the utmost importance.

Finding the right removals team is equally as important as planning adequately. Compare quotes for as many local removers as you can, and do your research beforehand so that you are armed with as much information as possible. Knowing exactly what you need and what to expect is vital as it will prevent you from being scammed into buying a service that you do not really need. Having this kind of knowledge will also allow you to barter with the companies for a better quote on certain terms and conditions of the contract.

Checking out your new place before the move is very important as well. Getting the place looked over by a specialist will give you peace of mind, like knowing that your boiler is working and that your kitchen is fully functioning. This is also a good time to make sure that your new loft is insulated and that your windows have double glazing. Doing your redecorating at this point will mean that you can avoid covering your possessions in paint and dust later on!

Give your W2 removal team a comprehensive plan of how you want the process to go ahead, and let them know as to where your heavier and bulkier items are in the building, as arriving to find that you have an enormous wardrobe in your top floor bedroom may be a nasty surprise for the removers! Make up a sketched out plan of the new house and draw in where those heavy items should go, so that you are not constantly being asked where things go on the day, saving time and effort later on if anything is placed in the wrong way.

See? The whole process shouldn’t be that bad, as you can work out from these tips, if you keep your head and plan properly, then it can be a smooth and easy process!

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