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Man and Van Stockwell Removals

18 June 2014

When talking about good parts of the city of London and recommended places for moving, Stockwell at the south west part is one of them. Just three kilometers away from the Charing Cross, previously the neighborhood was the place when the poorest citizens lived. Luckily the place went under significant development and today there is no trace of the not preferred neighborhood it was. It is now growing and up-coming with every day, using its nice location close enough to the center but still away from the noise and the fast life of  downtown London.

People who are interested in the capital may see how much the city has grown over the years, as the area was once at the edge of London and now is in the circle surrounding the central part.

The railroad building gave special push of the development of the region. The first nice and new constructions appeared around the station during the years right after its opening. The second time when the area went under so huge development was the time after the Second World War, and then was actually when most of the buildings appeared in the area.

Still the region has saved some of its old charm as it has kept numerous houses from the previous centuries, hiden secretly in some of the small streets.

What is interesting about the population of the region is that here is the biggest Portuguese community in this part of Britain, known as the “Little Portuguese”. That is why great part of the local business like bakeries, restaurants and cafes belong to the Portuguese immigrants, coming mostly from Lisbon and Madeira.

People are moving for different reasons in the area. When they do that they will surely need professional help. Man and Van Removals can be one good option to use.

When you contact this company you will appreciate how nice it is that the staff is very well knowing the neighborhood. In order not to make the situation difficult, people should know some details about the policy of the company and to take care of some small things prior to starting the moving.

The guys from Man and Van will need at least two hours for their work, no matter how small the moving is or how short is the distance between the old and the new place. When the two hours are exceeded the firm is charging on each new half hour.

In almost every case the movers will need services with a van. In this case the client has to take care of a parking place for the vehicles of the company. Of course if this is not possible or the case is urgent, the guys from the firm will take care of this part, but still if there are any charges and fees connected with the parking of the van, they will be added to the total bill.

As a preferred company in this neighborhood Man and Van will take care of any kind of moving, including office relocation, students removals and services that require removal to other parts of the UK or on the European continent.

Especially for the students the company has developed special line for charging, which is different from the general prices. Knowing that students are special part of the society, the company has made the services for them very affordable and easy. The students will also have access to the storage services, the wrapping and packing materials and any other services that require adapting and flexibility in such important moment.

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