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Moving From Waterloo To Spain

18 June 2014

Most people who have lived in London for years dream of escaping the grey skies and the rain and replace it with sun, sandy beaches and warm people. One of the most popular holiday destinations for British people is Spain. With its hot weather, beautiful landscape and architecture, rich culture, music and tradition, delicious food, miles of golden sandy beaches and friendly people, it’s the perfect place for a holiday. However, for those who wish to escape the English weather and the hectic everyday life, Spain might just be the perfect second home. For those who would like to replace the area of Waterloo and head to Spain, here is some useful advice and tips to follow.
The first thing to do is contact several international removers and obtain quotes. Try to phone only reputable moving companies with plenty of experience in international moves, positive past reference and a variety of quality services. Then it will be easier to compare them based on the approximate moving date and their fees. Spain may not be that far from England, but every international move has risks. It’s a big challenge and a huge step so it needs proper preparation and organizing each and every little thing. If you are taking your pet with you, make sure you have all the necessary veterinary records and the pet has been taken for vaccination and blood tests. These things can take up months so don’t postpone it. About 6 months before your ideal moving date, contact the chosen removals companies and ask for representatives to estimate the shipment and the price for it. You need at least 3 estimates in order to make the right decision. Understand that a successful move depends on your choice of a mover. A reputable international mover knows the best way for moving your furniture and other belongings to Spain and can offer you advice in terms of packing, even if you decide to do it on your own. However, keep in mind that the shipment will probably go through two means of transport until reaching the new destination, so the packing has to be immaculate – secure and safe with minimum risk for damage during the transition. If you pay for packing services you will also receive full coverage which makes all the difference. Of course the biggest shift won’t be that of your household, but it will be the shift in your lifestyle. You will have to adapt to a whole new culture, life and language and deal with them on a daily basis. Try to get to know the place you are moving to and learn as much as possible about Spanish culture, economics, language and food. The more you know, the easier the transition will be for you and your family. During the first few days after the arrival there will be a lot to do – unpacking, arranging the house and turning it into a home, getting to know the neighborhood and your surroundings, connecting the utilities (electricity, internet, telephone, water, heating, etc.). Gradually you will start getting used to the new things that the country has to bring and wonder how you’ve managed to live with so few sunny days at all. Spain has a lot to offer especially to those who are ready for some adventure.

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