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Moving Preparations For Ilford Office Removals

18 June 2014

Moving office is a big job. There are many ways in which things can go very, very wrong, so you have to be aware of all of the pitfalls before you embark on anything, for fear that it may be too late to rectify any mistakes by the time you have got things going. In order for this to be the case, you must be planning well in advance in order to be sure that every move is the right one. Moving preparations for Ilford office removals are an essential part of the process, so cannot be underestimated. If you are going to be in charge of your office removals, then you have quite a task on your hands, and it is advised that, depending on the size of the move, you start planning your office move with a month or so to go before the day of the actual move. This may seem a little excessive, but it is not something that you should be carefree about, bad planning will make your move turn from an easy operation to a nightmare.

Be sure that when you start planning, you compile a list of everything that needs to be done, and that you check it with others in the office who are reliable enough to give you a heads up in case you have missed anything. Once you have this list set, you can fill in a time table style itinerary, which will map the tasks that need to be done on to a set of dates leading up to the big Ilford move. By doing this, you will be able to visualize the whole move, and the whole thing will seem a lot more manageable. When everything is in place, you can start assigning tasks to those who are most capable of getting them done, and this obviously includes getting your Ilford removals company sorted out.

You should book your removal company Ilford  well in advance as it is very likely that they will become more expensive as the date approaches, or you may find that most of them are booked up on the date that you need, and that you cannot get the company that you’d really want. The company that you want will depend on a number of variables, most of them pertaining to value for money. The service versus the price is often hard to work out before you have had any real experience with the company, but with the help of online reviews sites, you will be able to glean some information as to how worthwhile the service of each firm is. This is a valuable tool but should not be taken for the be all and end all, as you may well find that certain companies have off days and the like. You should however try to find a company who get consistently great reviews, as you would want to reduce the amount of risk involved in your move.

When you have your company sorted, you can work with them on making sure that they are as well prepared for the move as you are. This means doing site visits with the team, and making sure that they are all well aware of the scale of the operation, including what needs to be moved, and what obstacles they will encounter in the form of stairs, doorways and other hindrances. You should work out parking measures at both sites as well as the permits that you may need, in order to avoid any expensive fines.

If you are well prepared, then nothing should go wrong!

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