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Office Relocation Like A Pro

18 June 2014

Are you facing an office removal in the near future? Are you planning to hire more employees and move to a bigger place? Then the following tips will help you manage this challenge like the professionals. Keep in mind that an office move is not a hasty process, it needs careful organization and involves many things and people. Your first task is to inform your employees – it’s better for them and you to know as early as possible, so they can mentally adjust to the thought of relocation. Don’t inform them in the last possible moment, because then even if you want them to help, chances are they won’t be very willing to do so. It’s hard to relocate the office while it is running without this affecting the business process and the productivity of everyone in it. Here are a few guidelines on how to do that successfully.

Tip 1: Have enough time to pre-plan.
Doing a relocation of a fully operational office isn’t an easy task. Your clients and business partners need to be informed too, so they don’t get confused on how and where they can find you. The process will require a considerable budget and time for preparation and packing. If you decide to pay for everything to be done by the removals company then make sure you choose the best time for it (weekends are usually most preferred, but also quite expensive) and plan your role in the move. Would you like your employees to pack the documentation, their belongings and other items? Let the movers know and talk to your employees too. If you want to avoid additional costs you need to be precise about the description of the place and how much work you will do before the movers arrive. Once the relocation begins you simply won’t have enough time to plan and you will have to stick to the agreed plan.

Tip 2: Pay attention to issues concerning time
If you can do the move during the off-peak season, this will be good for you. The peak season for all sorts of moves is May-August and this is when most removals companies are already hired for. However, you also need to consider your agreements with clients and partners. Don’t let the relocation affect your business relations and promises.

Tip 3: Stay organized at all cost
Moving in its nature is a straightforward and simple process, but being organized isn’t that easy. An office move is different from a house move, because you will be in charge of everything and everyone will ask you questions. However, you could always hire professional personnel to do the plan for the move. After all, you don’t have to be a specialist in order to have a successful and quick office relocation. Keep track of what’s going on and whether everyone’s doing their tasks.  

Tip 4: Trust professional movers.
The money that you have to pay for an office relocation may be a lot for the time being, but it’s a reasonable investment. You cannot expect your employees to stay after work for days and pack equipment, move desks and clean up the entire place. This is a job for professional movers who are trained to do it efficiently and quickly. If you want the job done well, hire these people.

Tip 5: Plan the post-move period
An office removal is a great opportunity to reconsider some things, get rid of old equipment and buy new things. It is not only a change of location, it is a big change in the feel of the office and the business.  

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