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Piano Movers in London: Your Guide

18 June 2014

A grand or upright piano is probably not just one of your most prized possessions, it's likely to be one of the most valuable you own. When it comes to moving house, arranging for your piano move can be one of the bigger headaches. The good news is that there are several experienced, professional piano movers in London who have the expertise to move your musical instrument safely. Upright pianos can weigh as much as 800 pounds. Grands can go up to 1200 pounds, so this is by no means a one man job. To be honest, because of the damage that can be done to both the piano – and to you – trying to do it yourself is just an inadvisable nightmare waiting to happen. You may be tempted to rely on the casters, but in most cases these are decorative only, and just for a minor repositioning rather than a major move. With such a weight on top of them, you're likely to do a big disservice to your carpet or (even worse) wood floor if you attempt to roll a piano. Casters also deteriorate over time, so the piano legs can easily break if you try and move them this way. Most people are concerned that their piano will go out of tune during a move. Actually, this is a bit of a myth. Changes in humidity are what tends to cause pianos to become untuned, so – as long as the removals van is kept at the right temperature and humidity and the piano is properly covered – this shouldn't be an issue. It's always wise however, once the piano has had a chance to rest and settle in your new home, to get a tuner in to give your treasure the once over. So, what you need to look for in a piano removals specialist is not just the experience, but also the equipment that makes a piano move so much easier and safer. This will include piano dollies (also known as trolleys), piano covers and piano skids for grands. All vans should be temperature and humidity controlled, with excellent suspension to avoid any massive jolts. The piano will need to be securely strapped, so there can be no movement on the journey to your new home. Your piano mover will also need a big team. It can take six or more people to move a piano, especially a Grand piano, and even more especially if you have stairs and narrow corridors to navigate. Ideally, you want movers who ONLY deal with pianos, not everyday house removals people who just happen to throw in a piano service. They should have had thorough training. Look for those with years of experience and the speciality. It does pay off. Insurance is another key factor. Even with all the experience in the world, things do go wrong. So your piano mover should have coverage of around £100,000 should the worst happen. If you're planning to put the piano on a higher floor or in a basement, or from one, your move may require a crane lift. Look for those with the tools for every eventuality. Prices do vary, so shop around. Even more important, check (not just read) customer testimonials and put a lot of store in personal recommendations. A solid client list is also a good indicator of a good piano mover in London: if concert halls and music schools trust them, you should be able to as well. There's a great choice in London, so you can take some time to select a piano removals firm that you can trust and who will do the best job.

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