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Relocation Abroad, What Should I Think of?

18 June 2014

Moving abroad can be tricky, especially when you are taking your family with you. If you are moving with small children almost all your energy will go towards them. This article will hopefully help you pull things together and make the most out of the move as possible.

First of all, if you have not decided, where should you move? If you are moving from the UK, I guess that you are looking for a warmer place to live. Either way, you should do your research of culture, reports, language, maybe even – if you haven’t already been there – go for a visit. You will probably go over there anyway to look for houses. It is a good way to get a hunch of your new location.

If you have not already got a job – which sometimes is the main reason of moving with family – you should start looking for opportunities rather early using the Internet for free positions. From what I have heard, the easiest way to move from one job to another is to ask your own company for a transfer overseas. Otherwise you can stay on your old job and telecommunicate – it might not give you a new work experience but it might give you time to settle down in your new home and to look for another job in the meantime.

While this is a huge step for you it might be even bigger for your kids. Make sure you provide them with all the positive aspects of moving like this. They will make new friends and gets to see a whole new culture. It is very important that you choose a right school for them, so also here, make your online research. The younger your child are the easier he or she will adapt to the new culture and you can choose a school mainly on what you think would be best for your kid. For older ones, language and culture might come as a shock. So maybe you should choose a school that goes after the British school system like A levels and such.

When all the planning and organization is fixed, it is time for you to start preparing yourself and family for the moving day. Either you can transport your things by sea, or by air. The choice is up to you, by boat it’ll be cheaper but slower and vice versa with airplane. Once the containers that holds your belongings it will be taken care of by customs. A good idea is to be in contact with international movers before this, so that you have someone to help you.

Moving to another country and environment can be stressful mentally but also physically. So make sure that you have done your research regarding those necessary tasks such as bank accounts, health insurance and such so that you are not unprepared when arriving. Things like this are rarely exactly the same as home.  Find out the local economy state and talk to your own bank before moving and see if they can assist you in some way.

Last but not least should be to prepare yourself and your family to the culture shock that will hit you. The language will be different, the food will be different and the people will be different. Make sure that you support each other during this time and make the most of it.

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