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Removals and Children

18 June 2014

When planning to move house, the amount you involve your children really does depend on your personal and individual circumstances. There’s no better time of year or no certain time considered more appropriate, or whether they are young children or young adults. It’s better to consider ways to involve them and keep them content during removals. There are different approaches you can choose to take depending on the ages of your children. Not all of these tips will apply to you so the best way to use this article is to pick and choose your points of interest and use the checklist especially to get yourself prepared and organised.

Plan it

Plan carefully and make sure you communicate with them what is going on, where you are moving to and how far you are going to be from where you live now. Remember that it can be a lot harder for younger children to be apart from their friends or change schools, so consider their feelings and give them options rather than just tell them you are moving straight up. Make sure you propose the move in good time to give them enough space to adjust and get used to the idea. Be prepared for a mixed reaction. But also be prepared for questions too.

Talk it out

Discussing your children’s’ concerns and making sure they are clear and comfortable with the move will really help ease off the stress and worry they may face. Make sure they are therefore prepared, adjusted and happy before actually locking down a date and starting your removal plan. Make sure you explain the process of removals, especially to younger children; it’s very important that they see where you are moving to so they are content with their room. Remember that rooms to children are a mini private haven, so there will have to be a pretty great exchange for them to be happy to go ahead!

Make it fun

Packing doesn’t have to be boring, and you’re more likely to get the children used to it by involving them and offering prizes for ‘the best packer’ or ‘neatest’ for example. Involving your chidren in the process before, during and after the move will allow them time to feel more comfortable and give them the added repsonibility of being and feeling involved in something more adult.

Consider it

You may want to hire some help such as a child-minder on the actual day of removal just to keep them occupied, as the actual moving is probably the most boring part for them. Especially for younger children. Young adults and older children will probably resent helping or be all for it. It really does depend on your personal circumstance and your family’s preferences.

Check it

•    Do your children know you are moving?
•    Do they know where they are moving?
•    Have you informed their school, especially if they are moving to a different school?
•    Have you checked out the local education in the new area and surrounding areas?
•    Have they seen the new property?
•    Have they chosen a room?
•    Are they happy or as happy as they choose to be, with your final decision?
•    Are they willing to get involved with packing up?
•    Have you got carers for them during the actual day of moving?

Just remember, moving with children is never going to be easy, all it takes is to be considerate, caring and communicate with them and you’re more likely to have a stress-free and calm move.

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