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The Essential Guide For Moving

18 June 2014

It’s all too easy to forget simple essential things before making that move. Use this checklist to guide you, and make sure you tick off each item. The only person you will thank is yourself!

Familiarise yourself with your new area as much as possible in advance. Look for a good takeaway –  you will need one and the phone number, at least for the night of having moved.

Set A Moving Date. It has to happen. Stick the date on your Fridge Freezer and colour it in Gold.

Have you measured the spaces in your new home to ensure any furniture you take with you fits?

Remember, if your ordering new furniture allow 8 to 10 weeks delivery prior to your move. Sofas, Chairs and Dining Sets need this timeframe, especially if coming from a European Destination.

Have you cancelled all household direct debit bills - Gas, Electricity, Council Tax, Insurance, Cable TV/ Internet Services and Water? You may well be due a rebate!

Record a reading of gas, electricity and water metres, noting your move-out date.

Arrange disconnection of your old phone and connection of your new one.

Have you set up a Royal Mail Redirection Service for at least three months for your new address?

Have you notified Banks, Credit Card Suppliers, Schools, Insurance and Employers of your new address?

Have you put in place after school care for your children on the day of your move, and have you a safe place for any household pets to stay?

Have you packed personal important documents in a separate bag? You must include passports, driving licences, birth and marriage certificates.

Have you cancelled bread and milk supplies?

Have you started clearing food from the fridge and freezer? Remember to switch it off!

Have you two spare sets of keys for your new home?

Remember to hand in your old keys to the Estate Agents.

Have you secured a parking space for your departure date and at the other end for your time of arrival?

If you are not using a professional removal firm, have you got all that you need to move? Double check that the van and your friends are available for the departure date.

If moving with a professional removal service, check the firm is registered with the British Association of Removers – tel: 0208 613331.

Ensure beds, quilts, pillows, bedding and the emergency box go in last. You will need them first!


When you finally arrive, grab the emergency box, leaving it in the kitchen.

Put all relevant boxes in the appropriate rooms.

Make up the beds, even if you don’t feel like it! That has to include those curtains or blinds!

Toilet paper and toiletries will help, as will towels in the bathroom.

Phone that takeaway that was on top of your list. Crack open a bottle of wine.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your new home. You know you deserve it.

Here’s hoping you haven’t forgotten the wheelie bin. (They do cost money)!

Have a good sleep. And don’t forget to collect the pets and kids. They will want to share your first night with you.

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