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Things to Consider When Choosing a Camden Removal Company

18 June 2014

Moving home is a stressful time, the last thing you need when trying to relocate to a new home is the added stress of the removal company not being as efficient as you expect. To avoid the disappointment of spending time and money on a cowboy here are some guidelines to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

-    Be sensible
When researching companies, make sure they are members of ‘The British Association of Removers’ or ‘The national Guild of Removers and Storers’. Though this isn’t a definite guarantee of a perfect company the associations have strict guidelines to ensure that the companies are professional to help customers avoid falling in to the trap of cowboy movers Camden.

-    Ask for a friends recommendation
There is only so much re-assurance you can get from researching and speaking to a company. Asking friends and family about their experience with removal companies they have used is a great way to find the best local company for the job. This way you can get a better idea of the way in which the company conducts themselves and how efficient, polite and helpful they will be on the day. Recommendations from people who have used a company are the most positive form of advertising and allow you to settle the pre-move concerns about the company you choose to entrust with your possessions.

-    Insurance
There is very little point spending the time and effort to carefully pack up and re-locate your belongings, only for you to find out you weren’t covered by insurance when you discover your antique clock smashed or furniture damaged. Most removal companies Camden offer a removal insurance to cover loss or damage to your belonging during your move. If you aren’t certain that the company you are using has this then ask, it’s better to be safe than sorry. It is also recommended you ring the company you hold contents insurance with to make sure it covers your property whilst it’s being relocated.

-    Price
Moving is not only a strain on yourself but often a strain on your bank balance as well. When researching companies to use don’t just go for the first quote offered. Search around and get quotes from a number of prospective companies. That way you can get a clearer idea of the price and services offered and will enable you to make an educated and money savvy decision when you do decide on whom to use. You may find that many companies quote a higher price for peak times such as weekends and school holidays. Sometimes a day off work to move mid-week may work out as more financially viable than moving during the peak times. Don’t be afraid to negotiate a price. If you can be flexible with time and more open to moving during a time when the company is less busy you may find they are able to offer you discounts or match the quotes of other companies in the area.

-    Be realistic
Relocating yourself and all your possessions is never going to be a small task. Make sure you are open with the company about the size of the job and allow more time than expected for the Camden move. The most common complaint from customer and company alike is that the task was larger and took longer than expected. If you are realistic about the size of the job you are more likely not to get stressed out during the process. The last thing you want to do is annoy the people you are trusting with the safety of your belongings by presenting them with a far larger job than they were expecting.

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