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Top 5 Tips for Eco-friendly House Removals Hammersmith

18 June 2014

Perhaps being environmentally friendly is a bit of a trend in the modern day. Brands advertise their lack of carbon footprint and it seems to manifest itself in the news on almost a daily basis. However, the fact that the environment and eco-friendly have become buzz words doesn’t make it any less of an issue. It is a global problem but that doesn’t mean you cannot play your small part in making your house removal to Hammersmith more environmentally friendly. Obviously financial frugality is of the upmost importance, but so is environmental frugality. As such, below are five tips to help make the move go smoother with a smaller carbon footprint.

Firstly, when looking at moving in Hammersmith, you may be encountering small distances, and perhaps a lower square footage than the average house in the United Kingdom. You may want to look at downsizing the scale of your move; often a man and van service would be preferable to a full blown W6 removal service. The smaller vehicle will produce less CO2 emissions and most likely get to your location quicker than a full sized lorry, and perhaps it will be able to take a shorter route due to the size difference. If all you need is a van, then you can not only save environmentally, but also financially.

Secondly, using second hand boxes from local food stores or corner shops is an easy way to try and make your move more environmentally friendly. Nothing says recycling more than actively finding a second purpose for items and at the end of the day, a box is a box. There is no need to go and buy new storage equipment for the move if it is only going to last the day. Once done with the boxes, you can either hand them on to someone else who is moving or place them into your recycling bins too.
Thirdly, try and book a summer move. This has many obvious benefits such as less chance of getting caught in poor weather on the big day, but for those first few days it will mean using less energy in the house. If you are concerned with being environmentally friendly in the first place, you are likely to go to put on a jumper in the cold rather than turn the heating on. In a sea of boxes, this may not be an option for you. This may mean in a winter move your instinct will be to turn the heating on (especially in a large, empty house) whereas in the summer this is less likely to be the case.

Furthermore, moving home is the perfect time to purchase of energy saving light bulbs and other low energy equipment. For a new home, try a new start ecologically speaking and try and take the steps to create a home with low carbon footprint, as well as also saving you money in the long term.

Finally, getting to know your local area of Hammersmith is important. There is no point making all of these changes if you are going to drive back across the city to your local supermarket or your normal takeaway. Trying to find sustainable and local food sources will not only lower your own carbon footprint but also support businesses who share your ideals. Trying to move home in an eco friendly manner doesn’t just involve making changes to your home and yourself, but also supporting those around you who are trying to do similar.

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