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Two Days Before The House Move

18 June 2014

Preparing for a move usually takes between a few weeks up to months. From the minute you know that you are facing a relocation it seems that everything you do is to make yourself and your family ready for the move. Following a strict schedule will help you out a lot, especially if you need to prepare for the move while going to work every day. With the approach of the relocation there will be more and more tasks to do and the levels of stress will rise up. You don’t have to worry, though, because if you have chosen a good moving company the hardest stages of the move will be their responsibility. A lot of things have to be done two days before the moving day. In order to be ready for the arrival of the movers, here is a list of the tasks you should take care of prior to the moving day.

•    Defrost the fridge and the freezer. In order to prepare these major appliances for the move you need to empty and clean them thoroughly. Unplug them and wait for 24 hours until they are completely dry. Remember that you have to use a dolly and straps to keep the door closed. Never tilt the fridge as you could ruin the inside parts. Get rid of all perishables and prepare some sandwiches.

•    When there are only a couple of days left until the relocation, check whether all your personal documents, records and paperwork are prepared. Keep them safe in one folder as you will need to take them in your car. Check for maps, a copy of the moving agreement and insurance, cash, passports, the keys of the new house, etc.

•    Pack up the essential box with items you will need right after moving in. This includes: coffee, cups, plates, towels, soap, toiletries, etc. The first day after moving in at the new place will be quite hectic and you won’t be able to unpack each and every box so make sure the essential box has everything you need on that day and it is labeled properly.

•    If you don’t want to end up paying an extra fee for long carry, remind your neighbors to park a bit aside so there is enough room for the moving truck to park.

•    Disassemble the last furniture pieces and prepare them for the move: beds, tables and sofa. It’s advisable to sleep on just a mattress at the night before the moving day.

•    Pack the computer and use its original box as well as plenty of bubble wrap.

•    Check whether you have enough cash for tips, fuel and snacks on the road.

If you are moving in summer make sure you have food and drinks for the moving day as you could easily get dehydrated. If you are moving in winter, keep a snow shovel on hand, as well as sand or salt. When you have planned the move properly you will have specific tasks to do 4 weeks before the move, 2 weeks before the move, 5 days before the move and straight before the move 2-1 days before. Following a strict schedule is what makes relocation less stressful and much more organized. It also helps you to keep track of your expenses and this is always enough motivation to do things the right way.

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