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Packing Up Your Tooting Self Storage Unit

18 June 2014

If you find yourself packing up your Tooting self storage unit, then it should be a cause for celebration. You will hopefully be packing it up in order to empty it, as you will no longer be paying extortionate prices for storage! The nature of storage is a difficult thing, you should try and avoid it if you can as it can often be a hidden expense, in that you are paying to carry on owning something that you do not have space for. If you think about it, it is quite hard to work out whether something is worth owning, based on how much you will be paying for its storage. Are the things that you are storing very valuable, or are they extremely sentimentally valuable? if not, then you probably shouldn’t be paying the high rental rates that you will need to be shelling out for a storage unit Tooting. There is not much use in owning something if you are only going to pay for it over and over again, month in and month out!

When packing things up to get them in to storage, you will be needing to make sure that the storage unit is right for your needs. There are a great many things that you should be thinking about when you are choosing your storage, and they will often be reflected by the nature of that which you are putting in to storage. Delicate items will need a locker that can protect them, while more sturdy things can be kept in less secure places. You may know that certain woods can be warped by extreme changes in temperature, which can happen in a storage unit. As the building cools down in the winter, the grain in the wood contracts, and tightens, and then when the summer comes the heat will expand the grain again, but usually in a different direction. While this may not be an obvious change to the naked eye, it will affect musical instruments and finer furniture quite noticeably, as you may find that suddenly a drawer may no longer fit in its place, or a piano’s sound board can be so badly warped that it will no longer stay in tune.

Being aware of the size that you need is another thing to give some serious consideration to, as it is not that obvious to some. Have a think about the volume of the vehicle that you are transporting your gear with, and you should have a good idea as to how much space you need in your locker. If you are not sure about the size of the van that you’ll need, then attempt to get the measurements of an appropriately sized room in your house, and start from their with honing the measurement properly. Be careful to get a locker that is perhaps slightly too big, as this will mean that you have no nasty surprises, and in the event that there is a little extra room, you will at least have space to move things about in, as well as space to add extra items.

Despite many people using storage across south London, you should only really need it if you cannot possibly part with the things that you are putting away. It may be hard, but sometimes the best option is to sell things on and make some money from them, rather than spending loads on keeping them for a while!

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